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Between Fall 2019, and 12/31/2020, teachers received more than a 6.6% RAISE while not teaching in person. Did you get a 6.6% raise and work at home, or maybe were you laid off, or your job is gone compeletely?

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Full Time teachers work 30 or 31 weeks per year: 190 days minus 15 sick/personal days, minus 10 paid holidays, minus 10-15 paid vacation days.

Annual Benefits are additional funds paid by the city on behalf of the employee for health insurance, and for pension which can be as soon as age 55, collected at 70% of the employees salary when they retire after 30 years, and up to 80%.

So an employee that retires at age 55 with 30 years, making $93k per year, will get $65k per year pension plus cost of living increases as time goes on. That same teacher that retires at 60 with 35 years will have a salary of $102,600 and a pension of over $82k per year. They also get medical insurance from the time they retire until they go on medicare.

Source: Chicago Public Schools website (last updated 1/27/2021)
Employee Annual Salary ↓ Annual Benefits School Job Title Full/Part time
Miller, Mary A 103754 33259 William J Onahan School Special Education Teacher Full time